Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even More The Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages

I’ve got two more really high quality Despereaux Coloring Pages ready. These printables are a lot of fun to make. And our designated coloring pages maker was in an attacking mood today, I think… Hence look what this poor mouse is doing that cheese!

By the way… I must’ve been a mouse in my past life, cause I love cheese. Lot’s of it. Yum yum… I never tried to fight it though. Hmm...

And I guess the second picture is the hero shot. Yah. Don’t mess with him. Cause he might be a tiny mouse, but he’s certainly not lacking in attitude here.

“You talking to me?”

(I’m making assumptions, naturally – the movie’s not out yet, so I have no idea what this one is about…)

Anyways. Check back. Free printable Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages are going to continue popping up on this site. This is the place to be.

So see yah soon.

Keep your crayons happy!

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