Monday, December 1, 2008

Despereaux Coloring Pages – As Promised.

A promise is a promise, so I am delivering our first set of The Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages. Big ears and all.

I am going to be putting more out, but of course, the cartoon is not even in the theaters yet – so don’t be too greedy. These free printables are here to warm you up for the warm movie reception.

Now, looking at this mouse, he’s definitely reminding me of someone. Like… Where did I see an adorable little animal with big ears before?


And who was his best friend:

Just saying... The character inspiration is remarkably traceable.

Though, of course, The Tale of Desperaux has completely different adventures. And we’ll be coloring our way through them…

Or, and I just found out the the voice for Despereaux’s object of affection will be provided by none other than Emma Watson, of the Harry Potter fame. You go Hermione! Ooops, I mean Emma!

Ok, that’s it for Despero coloring pages for the day. I’m getting quite desperate to get some sleep.

Bye now.

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