Saturday, December 13, 2008

Despereaux’s Roscuro and Princess Pea Coloring Pages

Here is a great free Roscuro Coloring Page. This is a rat with an attitude! So make sure that shows through in the colors.

Something really piraty about Roscuro. The earring, the bandana. And his full name is actually Chiaroscuro. A rat who wants to live in the castle and not in the dungeons. He loves light ( and I hear that love causes a lot of trouble for him and all the other rats…)

And here is another picture of Princess Pea…

Do you think she resembles Emma Watson?

There is something there, but I can’t quite place it.

Anyways, have fun coloring. I have a great picture of Roscuro, Despereaux and Princess Pea coming up in the next post. So stay tuned.


naylor said...
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naylor said...

if Despereaux's family thought that he looked weird they should look in the mirror don't you think?