Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Tale Of Despereaux Coloring Pages – Friends and Family

This Despereaux coloring page features Despereaux, Princess Pea and Roscuro.

And this printable features the family and their reaction to baby Despereaux.

It looks like we’ve right in the middle of the golden age of 3D animation. Just think – this year alone we’ve had Wall-e, Madagascar 2, Bolt and now The Tale of Despereaux. It used to be that Oscar nominations for a 3D cartoon where a joke. There was Pixar, and then there was no one. Not so now. These other studios are producing pretty high quality entertainment.

The good thing about this recent wave of cartoons is that they are getting the balance right – it’s fun for the kids, and it’s fun for the adults. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Despereaux delivers in that department as well.

And isn’t it true that as parents it’s easier for us to print coloring pages of cartoons we actually are happy about our kids watching and loving? I think so. Though there are those few cartoon obsessions that kids around here have that I just don’t get. But I tell myself it’s a stage, and go along anyways. I also found a surprising trend that I never know which picture the kids will like the most. You’d think it’s the one with the most detail, but it could simply be Despereaux with a cheese piece cause the kid likes cheese!

I know… Off topic…

I’ll improve.

More Despereaux coloring pages are coming soon. And less off topic. I promise.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Despereaux’s Roscuro and Princess Pea Coloring Pages

Here is a great free Roscuro Coloring Page. This is a rat with an attitude! So make sure that shows through in the colors.

Something really piraty about Roscuro. The earring, the bandana. And his full name is actually Chiaroscuro. A rat who wants to live in the castle and not in the dungeons. He loves light ( and I hear that love causes a lot of trouble for him and all the other rats…)

And here is another picture of Princess Pea…

Do you think she resembles Emma Watson?

There is something there, but I can’t quite place it.

Anyways, have fun coloring. I have a great picture of Roscuro, Despereaux and Princess Pea coming up in the next post. So stay tuned.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Despereaux Coloring Pages -- Princess Pea

Here is a coloring page of Princess Pea, the girl Despereaux falls in love with, dispite the general negative atmosphere between the human and the mouse communities.

Right click on the picture to save and print.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even More The Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages

I’ve got two more really high quality Despereaux Coloring Pages ready. These printables are a lot of fun to make. And our designated coloring pages maker was in an attacking mood today, I think… Hence look what this poor mouse is doing that cheese!

By the way… I must’ve been a mouse in my past life, cause I love cheese. Lot’s of it. Yum yum… I never tried to fight it though. Hmm...

And I guess the second picture is the hero shot. Yah. Don’t mess with him. Cause he might be a tiny mouse, but he’s certainly not lacking in attitude here.

“You talking to me?”

(I’m making assumptions, naturally – the movie’s not out yet, so I have no idea what this one is about…)

Anyways. Check back. Free printable Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages are going to continue popping up on this site. This is the place to be.

So see yah soon.

Keep your crayons happy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Despereaux Coloring Pages – As Promised.

A promise is a promise, so I am delivering our first set of The Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages. Big ears and all.

I am going to be putting more out, but of course, the cartoon is not even in the theaters yet – so don’t be too greedy. These free printables are here to warm you up for the warm movie reception.

Now, looking at this mouse, he’s definitely reminding me of someone. Like… Where did I see an adorable little animal with big ears before?


And who was his best friend:

Just saying... The character inspiration is remarkably traceable.

Though, of course, The Tale of Desperaux has completely different adventures. And we’ll be coloring our way through them…

Or, and I just found out the the voice for Despereaux’s object of affection will be provided by none other than Emma Watson, of the Harry Potter fame. You go Hermione! Ooops, I mean Emma!

Ok, that’s it for Despero coloring pages for the day. I’m getting quite desperate to get some sleep.

Bye now.